Love Food: Love Christmas Booklet

Did you love the Christmas Cooking? We conducted a survey to get the opinion of our Love Christmas cooking booklet.

The winners of £40 high street vouchers  are:

Miss Hayley Tait- Aberdeen

Mr David Adams- Aberdeen


To get us all thinking about what the New Year will bring, we thought a short survey on 2013 would do the trick.

42% of respondents intend to spend more on holidays during 2013 than last year.

The winner of £20 high street voucher is:

Mr Jochan Wood, Aberdeen


Lucky winner- Mr Jochan Wood

Legal Services

We wanted to know your thoughts on Legal Services, they are important after all.

75% of respondents said that they would consider claiming for an injury should they have one. 

The lucky winner of £50 high street vouchers is:

Mr Peter Hopkins- Aberdeenshire

Four further runners-up won theatre tickets:

Mrs Jennifer Grant- Aberdeen

Mrs Carol Tough- Aberdeenshire

Mr Derek Forrest- Aberdeenshire

Mr Scott Lawrie- Aberdeen


Lucky winner- Mr Derek Forrest and his grand-daughter


We thought it a good idea to gauge opinion on Scot-Ads. This survey received one of our largest ever responses!

50% of respondents that had placed an advert in Scot-Ads sold their item within the same week of the advert appearing.  

A lucky panellist drawn at random won £50 of high street vouchers:

Mrs Janelle Robertson, Aberdeenshire

Two runners up won £20 of high street vouchers:

Miss Ashley Hamill, Aberdeenshire

Miss Hayley Tait, Aberdeen


Lucky winner- Miss Ashley Hamill

Lucky winner- Miss Hayley Tait





Do you enjoy a flutter? We decided to find out your views on betting.

Two winners chosen at random won £20 of high street vouchers:

Mr Robert Chalmers, Aberdeen

Mr Scott Lawrie, Aberdeen