Quarterly update and Reader Panel 2nd Anniversary winners

The last three months has seen us conduct 6 surveys giving away more fantastic prizes.

Chosen at random from the panellists completing the most surveys over the past three months is:

Mr Ian Boddie

The randomly selected new panellist of the quarter is:

Miss Erin Chan

To mark our two year anniversary, we decided to reward our panellists with more prizes.

Two panellists won £20 of high street vouchers:

Miss Claire Lawrence

Miss Rebecca MacAskill


Lucky winner- Miss Claire Lawrence

Claire Lawrence

Here is a selection of the 20 panellists who won prints of famous landmarks:

(The full list of winners can be found in the Panel Members section)

Mr Alexander McGregor                       Mr Ian Matthews

Alexander McGregor           Ian Matthews

Mrs Beth Scott                                      Miss Gael Irvine

Beth Scott      Gael Irvine


Miss Caroline Kinghorn

Caroline Kinghorn

Mother’s Day

A card, flowers or a spa day. What’s the best way to treat all the mothers of the world?

47% of mothers would like to receive flowers for Mother’s Day.

Winning £25 of high street vouchers are:

Miss Carron Middleton – Stonehaven

Mrs Pearl Adams – Aberdeen


Lucky winner- Mrs Pearl Adams

Pearl Adams

Takeaway survey

Everyone likes a takeaway now and again don’t they? We thought we would ask our panellists for their opinion on the matter.

58% of respondents buy a Chinese takeaway most often, followed closely by fish and chips with 57% of respondents.

Our winners, each receiving a £20 voucher for Sizzlers takeaway, Aberdeen are:

Mrs Brenda Wright – Aberdeenshire

Mrs Fiona McDonald – Aberdeenshire

Mr Andrew Bowie – Aberdeen

Mr Scott Forsyth – Aberdeen

Mrs Jacqueline Gordon – Aberdeenshire


Our lucky winner- Mr Scott Forsyth


Lucky winner- Mrs Jacqueline Gordon


Valentine’s survey

Do you Love Valentine’s Day?  With love in the air, we decided to give you the opportunity to let us know what you think about Valentine’s Day.

52% of respondents said they would be sending a Valentine’s card this year.

Each winning a pair of brilliant theatre tickets, are:

Mr David Adams- Aberdeen

Mrs Jacqueline Brown  – Aberdeen

Mr Terry Leask – Aberdeen

Mr Magnus Henry – Shetland


Lucky winner- Mrs Jacqueline Brown


Festive survey

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? The Reader Panel teamed up with Aberdeen Inspired to get opinions on all things festive.

5 winners were lucky enough to each receive £50 voucher cards for Bon Accord & St Nicholas.

The winners are:

Miss Heather Skene – Aberdeenshire

Mrs Jennifer Grant – Aberdeen

Mrs F Duncan – Aberdeen

Mrs Bonnie Duncan – Aberdeen

Mr Stuart Young – Aberdeen


Lucky winner- Miss Heather Skene