Fitness Survey

Are you a keep fit fanatic or couch potato? We decided to find out what people in our area thought about exercise.

Out of all respondents, swimming, golf and cycling were the most popular sports that they took part in.


Alison Brown won £30 of High Street vouchers in the prize draw for completing the survey.

Caravan Survey

Aahh, the Caravan Survey. This is where the Reader Panel began. One of our colleagues asked for information about caravan owners and the different type of caravans that people have and we didn’t have a clue.

So we decided to set up the Reader Panel so solve problems like not knowing what is more popular, a static or towing caravan.

Michelle Craigen from Aberdeen won the prize draw, winning £30 of High Street vouchers 

(The answer was a towing caravan – around 67% of respondents who owned a caravan had one of these.)

Food & Drink

Do you only eat out for a special occasion or do you like to treat yourself with a meal out on a regular basis? We thought we’d find out what our Reader Panel thought about going out for food and drinks. (The Reader Panel team can’t resist going out for a meal.)

The most popular reasons given by Reader Panellists for eating out were for a birthday, anniversary or to catch up with friends.

Catherine Bolt from Aberdeen was one of five lucky winners of a £30 voucher for  K2 or Khyber Pass, who sponsored the survey.

Theatre, Concert Halls and Cinema

At the Reader Panel we can’t resist a musical, so we thought we’d ask what our Reader Panel members thought in general about theatres, concerts and the cinema.

Around 72% of respondents were interested in musicals.

Dawn Gray from Kintore , Colleen Kain from Aberdeen and Anne Orchard from Aberdeen each won a pair of theatre tickets for telling us their opinion.

This survey was sponsored by Aberdeen Performing Arts.

Local Media Survey

What is your opinion on local media? We designed a survey which was sent out to our Reader Panel members to find out their opinion.

Around 78% of respondents to the survey had looked at their local newspaper/website because it featured someone they knew.